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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
(d) Disconnecting devices. Check primary
(g) Environmental conditions. More frequent
disconnecting device contacts for signs of overheat-
inspections of the switchgear must be made when
ing or abnormal wear. Clean contacts with silver
unusual service conditions exist, such as contami-
polish. Clean disconnecting device contacts and ap-
nating fumes, excessive moisture, or extreme heat
ply light coating of approved lubricant.
or cold. Additional protection may be required if
(e) Enclosure. Verify that interior anchor
adverse conditions are present.
bolts and structural bolts are tight. Inspect cable
(h) Ground resistance. Measure and record
connections for signs of overheating. Tighten loose
ground resistance values using a ground resistance
connections as required.
test set. Compare these values with those recorded
( f ) Circuit breakers. Manually operate each
during previous tests. The tests indicate grounding
breaker while in test position, verify proper opera-
system effectiveness and possible deterioration
tion. Refer to manufacturer's instructions.
since the last tests.

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