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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
reduced application to diesel and internal combus-
Table 8-I. Oil quality standards-Continued
tion engine lubricants. If used in an oil reclaiming
system, it is usually only a part of the total process.
Refer to the manufacturer's literature for details
and servicing instructions.
d. Reclaimming. Various types of oil reclaiming
equipment are used. Most reclaimers operate with
the oil heated at about
which drives off water
vapor and lighter fuel oil dilution. Highly effective
reclamation of regular mineral oil is possible. Al-
most complete removal of additive material occurs
8-4. Oil maintenance procedures.
during reclaiming. Oils produced from a reclaimer
must be limited to services not requiring an addi-
The following information is a general guide for
tive oil. Operation at temperatures above 400F re-
maintenance of lubricating oil.
sult in partial breakdown of the lubricating oil,
a. Water and sediment. Clean by centrifuging.
which can produce an oil having a higher viscosity
b. Viscosity. Treat with oil reclaimer to drive off
than the original oil. Oil reclaimers are normally
used for processing oil between the impure oil and
c. Viscosity. Centrifuge C hot) to remove heavy
the clean oil system or may route the reclaimed oil
sludge. If necessary, add straight run mineral oil of
to a separate tank for use in other lubricating ser-
lower viscosity.
vices. Refer to the manufacturer's literature for de-
d. Corrosion. Treat with activated-type reclaimer.
tails and servicing instructions.
If an additive oil is in use, the presence of corrosive
e. Oil quality standards. Oil quality standards
qualities indicates that the additive is exhausted.
are provided below.
New oil must be used if the benefit of additives is
required. Used oil may be reclaimed and used for
Table 8-1. Oil quality standards.
other services not requiring the additive.
e. Particles. Passage of particles larger than the
filter's specifications are a definite sign of channel-
Water and Sediment
ing or structural damage to filter elements. Replace
filter cartridges.

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