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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
observe lubricating oil recommendations by the en-
(2) Deliver the drain oil sample and particles to
gine manufacturer for optimum engine perfor-
the base engineer for tests and analysis. The pres-
ence of some particles in the drain oil is usually
b. Changing oil Refer to the engine manufactur-
considered normal by the engine manufacturer.
er's literature for recommendations related to spe-
(3) Refer to the manufacturer's literature. An
cific conditions, time intervals, and instructions for
oil analysis program is usually recommended, in-
changing the lubricating oil.
cluding a spectrometric analysis of the metal par-
(1) Collect a sample of old oil when oil is
ticles. It is necessary to collect and evaluate data for
drained from the engine storage tank. Examine the
type and quantity of engine wear-metals. Study of
drain plug or valve, filter, and chip detector if used,
this data shows trends of engine wear and expected
for metal particles. Save the particles for analysis.
future reliability.

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