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On a smaller scale, the epoxy grouted bolts could be used to anchor
retrofit signs, flag poles, or lighting systems.  Its high pullout values
might be used in suspending equipment from ceilings to save floor space.  Its
quality of being shock and vibration proof would be advantageous in securing
heavy machinery.
During the 1978 Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Section, American
Institute of Mining Engineers, J. Holmes of the University of Minnesota
determined that resin-grouted bolts are more effective than mechanically
anchored rock bolts.  However, he cited several safety precautions which
should be taken to insure their dependability.  Among his comments, he stated
that holes must be drilled to the proper depth to assure full bonding, and
that care should be taken to store and install the bolts within the range of
temperatures specified by the manufacturer.
Despite these potential problems, the chemical anchoring system possesses
many characteristics which are often needed in various engineering
applications.  Its effectiveness in remedial work was evidenced in the
economical repair work performed on Buildings 7 and 8 at the National Naval
Medical Center, but perhaps the system's broadest and most valuable
applications are in the area of retrofitting existing structures.  It seems
clear that given more examination, experimentation, and exposure to the
engineering community, the chemical anchoring system will provide sound and
economical solutions to many future engineering challenges.
CASE S4 - Distress in Floor, M. Yachnis
Problem:  Distress on the floor of Bancroft Hall, at the U.S. Naval. Academy,
Annapolis, Maryland.
Excessive vibration of floor due to live loading.
Collection of Facts:  A/E performed a structural engineering investigation and
concluded that the floor was adequate to carry only 3 P.S.F. live load. By
observing the midshipmen marching in formation on the floor, it was obvious
that the floor was adequate to carry more than 3 P.S.F. live load. A test was
performed in accordance with ACI code requirements and the floor was found to
be adequate for 180 P.S.F.
Solution:  When the results of computations are disputed, perform a test with
adequate instrumentation.

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