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CASE S8 - Safe Design for Blast Loading, J. V. Tyrrell
Problem: Structures just beyond explosives safety distances
Symptom: Unexpected damage.
Collection of Facts:  Usually no consideration of blast loading is given to
structures located outside the explosive safety arc for inhabited buildings.
Although there is seldom significant damage outside of this arc, it is
possible that the blast environment could be important for certain
structures.  Failure to consider this loading could result in damage ranging
from broken glass to serious structural effects.
Solution:  For important structures which are to be sited just outside the
explosive safety arc for inhabited buildings, it is worthwhile to consider the
blast environment that the structure may see.
CASE S9 - Structural Adequacy, J. V. Tyrrell
Structures not designed by engineers.
Structural failures/unsatisfactory performance.
Collection of Facts:  A large dead-end structure was designed for an
electrical distribution line terminating at a transformer substation.  Because
the drawings were prepared by a well known manufacturer of electrical
equipment, it was assumed that the structural design was adequate.  It turned
out that the structure was inadequate for the loading imposed.
Solution:  Whenever a structure is a part of a manufacturer's package, require
that the design drawings bear the seal of a professional engineer.

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