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CASE CR3 - Corrosion of Galvanized Guy Cables, E. Mifflin
Rapid corrosion.
Corrosion and possible loss of strength.
Collection of Facts:  Cables had a Class A galvanizing and were subject to a
very hostile corrosive environment.  To preserve longevity of the guys they
had to be coated to resist rusting further.  The cables range from one inch
round to three and one eight inch round, and it is very costly to replace them.
Solution:  A solution of on site conditions was to develop a coating mechanism
and rigging to place a protective grease coating on the cables.  For new
construction, it is recommended that the designer specify a Class C galvanized
coating on the outer wires of the cables.  Life expectancy is three times that
of Class A.
CASE CR4 - Steel Conduit, T. Hayes
Rigid steel conduit installed on self-propelled craft.
The steel corroded at an accelerated rate.
Collection of Facts:
Avoid steel conduit in a marine environment. Use PVC conduit.
CASE CR5 - Improper Ventilation in Sump Areas, T. Hayes
Problem:  Improper ventilation in sump area of pumphouses and pump wells
causes rapid deterioration of mechanical equipment.
Collection of Facts:  In the sump area of many pump wells, there is an
accumulation of moisture resulting from leaking, packing from drainage pumps,
water seeping though the pump well walls and numerous other sources.  Because
of the damp condition that exists, mechanical equipment such as pumps, valves
and piping corrode at an accelerated rate.  In most of these areas,
ventilation is inadequate.
Solution:  In the design of future pump wells, insure that adequate
ventilation is provided in the sump pit area.

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