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h.  Proper welding specifications and materials are necessary for
constructing and/or repairing tanks and equipment which are
exposed to corrosive materials.
i.  Electrical boxes should be located away from corrosive
environments.  If located in corrosive operating areas, they
should be sealed gasket types and corrosion resistant.
j.  All other instruments and electrical equipment which may be
exposed to corrosive environment should be protected.  Control
consoles, panel-boards, and transformers should be located within
a closed and vented control room out of any corrosive atmosphere.
k.  Concrete tanks or sewers exposed to corrosive materials
should be constructed of acid-resistant concrete or provided with
suitable liners.
The following lessons should be considered:
An electroplater's job, of considerable complexity, is a low
paying job requiring constant handling of hazardous and
toxic substances in a hazardous environment. These platers,
after taking considerable training on government expense,
often leave their jobs for better paying positions.
Therefore, it would be an advantage to the government to
upgrade the job description and pay of the electroplaters
that would result in a lower turnover rate; people with more
motivation would stay in these jobs who would be more likely
to comply with the important energy conservation and
environment protection guidelines; and would reduce training
In locations like an electroplating shop, the ventilation
and lighting systems, and shop machinery create a very noisy
environment.  Therefore, there should be a noise abatement
study as part of the Preliminary Engineering Study (PES).
Title II Inspection is not always the answer to inadequate
inspection.  There is always a chance that an unqualified
person may be assigned to the job, or high turnover of
personnel provides no continuity. It may be better to get
the designer or project consultant to inspect the project
construction on a once or twice a month basis and, in case
of an upgrade project, to keep in touch with the operating
personnel.  As it was demonstrated on Norfolk NSY
electroplating project, it pays to have good coordination
between the electroplating consultant and operating
Repair and maintenance of an electroplating shop during the
first year of operation can be a major problem. Often,
complex and costly equipment, will not get the necessary
adjustment, calibration, lubrication and repair because it

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