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For Military Construction, Navy (MCON) projects, the PES, and TS
if applicable, is to be included as a part of the facility study
submitted with a DD 1391.  For non-MCON construction projects, the PES
shall be included with the step II submission.  See reference (d) for
guidance on the preparation of DD 1391.
1.  After the design is authorized but before synopsizing for
CBD, the project team members will review all project documentation for
current applicability and to ascertain that the project scope is
sufficient to meet the latest applicable discharge/emission
requirements.  If revisions of the PES and TS are necessary, or if cost
limitations indicate that no acceptable solution can be provided within
budget, the project team will notify NAVFACHQ Code 05 without delay.
2.  The scope of work for subject projects may require equipment
redundancy and operation flexibility to provide continuing operation in
case of equipment failure and to accommodate future changes resulting
from new treatment standards, or variation in type, volume, and
concentration of waste due to workload or process changes.  Full in-place
or stand-by duplicate systems or spare parts should be provided for all
critical components, (e.g. determination based on the impact of the loss
of the component on effluent quality) including reactors, tanks, valves,
pumps, and piping, and if so indicated by specific hazard analyses.
(Note reference (e).  Holding and process tank sizing should provide an
eight hour capacity allowance for storage during process flow
interruptions.  Flexibility should be increased by adding appropriate
bypass lines.  Proven technology and batch treatment should be chosen
over continuous processes in accordance with reference (e), section
5.1.b.7.  Air pollution control equipment will be provided in accordance
with reference (f).  Provisions shall be made for operator facilities
such as lockers, male and female showers, lavatories, etc.  All
industrial shops and treatment plants will have office facilities, shop
space, and assigned space for spare parts inventory and chemical
storage.  The control/operations building at treatment plants will also
include a laboratory.  To ensure that the safety and health
considerations as well as operational failures and problems are addressed
all through the project from concept development to disposal of the
facility, additional and updated hazard analyses, as determined from the
PHA, are to be conducted during the design phase. The design shall meet
the applicable NAVOSH and reference (g) requirements. As indicated in
the basic instruction, the Best Available Technology (BAT) requirements
apply to these facilities.
3.  The design phase will include preparation of conceptual
design and project engineering documentation (PED) in accordance with
reference (h) for projects in the MCON program.  Submission of
documentation, plans, estimates and specifications is also required at
the pre-final and final stages of design.
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