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CASE M4 - Oxygen Enriched Testing of Materials, T. Hayes
Problem:  Facilities for testing flamability and toxicity of a variety of
materials, both atmospheric conditions, and at elevated pressures.
Lack of testing capability
Collection of Facts: There are very few organizations which conduct a
flamability test of a variety of materials in 100% oxygen or oxygen at
elevated partial pressures.  One such organization is NASA at their Clear
Lake, Texas laboratory.
Solution:  If one desires a certain material to be tested in an oxygen
enriched environment, he should contact NASA at (713) 483-5231. Samples of
the material will have to be provided and the cost will be approximately
$1,000 per sample.
CASE M5 - Drain Plugs for Recompression Chambers, T. Hayes
Problem:  Steel drain plugs installed in diver recompression chambers
frequently corrode and become frozen in place.
Use bronze plugs instead of steel.
CASE M6 - Drywall Nails for Hyperbaric Facilities, T. Hayes
Problem:  Standard length drywall nails are too long for normal installation
of drywall over framing for pocket doors.  The exposed nail tip will scar the
door when it is slipped into the pocket.
Solution:  Use construction adhesive on the framing instead of nails. Nails
can be used at the top and bottom plate but not on the framing for the door.
CASE M7 - By-pass for Gas Piping Systems (Hyperbaric), R. Johnston
Problem:  Designers often do not plan for by-passes around regulators, dryers,
filters and other components of gas piping systems.
Collection of Facts:  In the review of many design drawings for hyperbaric
facilities, it has been noted that no provisions have been made by designers
for by-passes around such piping components as regulators and filters. If
these components should fail, there would be no way of providing breathing gas
to chamber occupants.
Provide by-passes around piping components such as regulators and

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