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Combined Contractor Production Report and Contractor Quality
Control Report
The Contractor shall complete and submit a Combined Contractor
Production Report and Contractor Quality Control Report Form NAVFAC
01400-1 (3/92) to the Contracting Officer on a daily basis covering
all work to which Davis-Bacon wage rates apply.  See Attachment J-C .
NOTE:  INSURANCE.  The insurance amounts shown cannot be decreased.
The amounts can be increased with prior written approval of the Level
III Contract Officer depending on specific functional considerations.
Insurance levels are based on local prevailing insurance rates and
are generally increased for Motor Vehicle Operations contracts like
Bus and Taxi service.
not mandatory on overseas contracts.  If included, the types and
dollar amounts can be altered to suit the local country requirements.
The time period for notification to the U. S. Government by the
insurance firm can be less than 30 days, dependent on local laws of
the country.
a.  Within fifteen (15) days after award of this contract, the
Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer a certificate of
insurance as evidence of the existence of the following insurance
coverage in amounts not less than the amounts specified below in
accordance with the FAR 52.228-05, "INSURANCE - WORK ON A GOVERNMENT
INSTALLATION (SEP 1989)" clause, Section I.  This insurance must be
maintained during the entire performance period.
Comprehensive General Liability:
Automobile Liability:  $200,000 per person; $500,000 per
occurrence for bodily injury; $20,000 per occurrence for
property damage.
Workmen's Compensation:  As required by Federal and State
workers' compensation and occupational disease statutes.
Employer's Liability Coverage:  $100,000, except in states
where workers' compensation may not be written by private
Other as required by state law.

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