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Include the following paragraph in facility support service
contracts and combination service and construction contracts.
The  performance  and  quality  of  work  delivered  by  the
contractor, including services rendered and any documentation or written
material compiled shall be subject to inspection, review, and acceptance
by the Government.
FAC 5252.216-9315, AWARD FEE (NOV 1994)
NOTE: Insert the following clause in solicitation and contracts when a
fixed-price award fee contract for services is contemplated.  The clause
is to be tailored to each solicitation.  For example, evaluation periods
for  mobilization/demobilization  may  be  shorter  in  length  than  the
evaluation periods during the contract.
Subsequently, the amount of
award fee for mobilization/demobilization will also differ.
a.  Determination of Award Fee.  An Award Fee Evaluation procedure is
hereby established for determination of award fee payable under this
contract.  The payment of any award fee is contingent upon compliance
with contractual requirements and performance above the satisfactory
level (numerical rating of 80 points or above) in each of the individual
criteria set forth in the contract.  It is the Government's intent that
the contractor perform the required services in such a manner as to
warrant the highest possible rating and award fee.
The contractor's
failure to maintain acceptable levels of performance in all areas of
this contract, whether specified or not, will result in no award fee
being  issued.
Award  fee  determinations  will  be  made  by  the  Fee
Determination  Official.
Each  determination  cover  the  preceding
evaluation period.
The award fee determination is not subject to the
"Disputes" clause of this contract.
Any amount not awarded in one
evaluation period will not be carried over to the next evaluation
b.  Procedures.  The total amount of award fee that can be earned for
a twelve month period is $
.  The amount of award fee that may
be earned for each evaluation period is $

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