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FAC 5252.246-9300, SCHEDULE OF DEDUCTIONS (JUN 1994)
Insert  following  in  all  firm  fixed-price  solicitations  and
contracts for facility support services.
Within fifteen (15) days after the contract award, the
successful Contractor shall provide an acceptable Schedule of Deductions
for the base period and each option year of the contract.  No work may
commence  until  such  Schedule  of  Deductions  is  approved  by  the
Contracting Officer.  The total of the Schedule of Deductions must equal
the amount entered in Contract Line Item [fill in blank] .  If for any
reason this contract is modified, including the exercise of an option,
and the modification affects the schedule of deductions, the contractor
shall submit a revised schedule of deductions within fifteen (15) days
of the date of the modification.
Prices shown in the Schedule of
Deductions will be utilized in conjunction with the "CONSEQUENCES OF THE
deductions to the contract price for nonperformed or unsatisfactory
Unbalancing  in  the  Schedule  of  Deductions  submitted
shall be the cause for withholding approval and requiring resubmittal of
a balanced schedule.
The Contractor's failure to provide an approved
Schedule of Deductions shall be grounds for TERMINATION FOR DEFAULT.
The Government reserves the right to unilaterally establish a Schedule
of Deductions in the event the successful contractor fails to present
the Schedule of Deductions within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date
of  contract  award  or  presents  a  Schedule  of  Deductions  which  is
unbalanced or materially deficient.  The approved Schedule of Deductions
shall be part of the contract.  DO NOT SUBMIT the Schedule of Deductions
with the BID.
Include a Schedule of Deductions
form for the base period and each separately priced option period.
Indicate the period which is covered by the Schedule in the title of the
The  following  example  is  for  the  base  period.
The  item
descriptions should correspond to the item description in the PRS and
reference is to be made to the item number shown in the PRS.

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