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As  referred  to  in  FAC  5252.216-9310,  "COMBINATION  FIRM  FIXED-
PRICE/INDEFINITE-QUANTITY CONTRACT" clause, the minimum guarantee of
work is (fill-in)% of the estimated total quantity.  The maximum dollar
value of the contract is the total dollar value of the Fixed Price and
Indefinite Quantity Items.  The maximum shall not be exceeded except as
may be provided by formal modification to the contract.
H.1 FAC 5252.223-9301, WILDLIFE PRESERVATION (JUN 1994)
Insert  the  following  clause  in
solicitations  and  contracts  for  facilities  support  or  architect-
engineering services when applicable.
(Insert name of activity)
is a designated
description of designation)
.  Before commencing work which may
disturb wildlife, the Contractor shall obtain all necessary state, local
and federal permits.  Following is a list of applicable restrictions
(insert a list of restrictions).

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