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1. The Contractor shall comply with the requirements contained in the following documents:
a. NAVWPNSTA Yorktown Fire Prevention Instruction 11320.3D
b. OSHA Health and Safety Standards
c. Department of the Army - Corps of Engineers EM 385 1-1, General
Safety Requirements
2. Copies of Instruction 11320.3D shall be obtained from the Naval Weapons Station Fire Prevention Office. The
Contractor and his personnel shall familiarize themselves with the provisions of this instruction document on behalf
of ascertaining compliance. Attention is specifically called to provisions relative to sprinkler systems, storage of
combustibles, smoking regulations, battery charging areas, and welding and cutting.
3. The Contractor shall furnish his own portable fire extinguishers as required to comply with the Fire Department
instructions. Extinguishers in buildings shall not be removed from their location or used for any purpose other than
4. Fire hydrants shall not be used without special permission from the Public Works Department and the Fire
Department. No valves on the central water system shall be activated without the permission of the Public Works
5. The following telephone numbers apply:
a. EMERGENCY - 4333
b. Fire Alarm Headquarters - 7343
c. Fire Prevention Office - 7344
d. Public Works Office - 4900

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