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(f)  Neither financial data submitted with an offer, nor
representations concerning facilities or financing, will form a part
of the resulting contract.  However, if the resulting contract
contains a clause providing for price reduction for defective cost or
pricing data, the contract price will be subject to reduction if cost
or pricing data furnished is incomplete, inaccurate, or not current.
(g)  The Government may determine that an offer is unacceptable
if the prices proposed are materially unbalanced between contract line
items or contract subline items.  An offer is materially unbalanced
when it is based on prices significantly less than cost for some work
and prices which are significantly overstated in relation to cost for
other work, and if there is a reasonable doubt that the offer will
result in the lowest overall cost to the Government, even though it
may be the low evaluated offer, or it is so unbalanced as to be
tantamount to allowing an advance payment.
(h)  The Government may disclose the following information in
post-award debriefings to other offerors: (1) the overall evaluated
cost or price and technical rating of the successful offeror; (2) the
overall ranking of all offerors, when any ranking was developed by the
agency during source selection; (3) a summary of the rationale for
award; and (4) for acquisitions of commercial end items, the make and
model of the item to be delivered by the successful offeror.
(End of provision)
NOTE:  In accordance with the prescription in 15.407(d)(4)(I),
substitute the following paragraph (d) for paragraph (d) of the basic
(d)  The Government may accept any item or combination of items,
unless doing so is precluded by a restrictive limitation in the
solicitation or the offer.
NOTE:  As prescribed in 15.407(d)(4)(ii), substitute paragraph (c) for
paragraph (c) of the basic provision.  Use this alternate when the
government intends to award a contract without discussions with
offerors but allows the government to hold discussions if later
determined necessary.

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