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NOTE:  The following should be tailored to individual procurements
dependent on whether award will be made to low offeror or best value.
a.  The low offeror for purposes of award shall be the
conforming, responsive, responsible offeror offering a technically
acceptable proposal and (1) the lowest total price for Contract Line
Items _________ OR (2) the best value to the Government.
b.  Offerors shall be submitted for the performance of work for
the period identified in the "Term of Contract" clause.
c.  Offers are solitude on an "all or none" basis and FAR 52.216-
16, "CONTRACT AWARD - NEGOTIATED" provision, Section L, is hereby
modified.  Failure to submit offers for all items and quantities
listed shall be cause for rejection of the offer.
The following is an outline of the general procedures to be followed
in using source selection or competitive negotiation procedures.
1.  Acquisition Planing. Thorough acquisition planning is essential to
adequately define the most significant technical and performance
2.  Development of Evaluation Factors. The two basic evaluation
factors are Price and Technical.
a.  Technical.  Critical areas generally include: (1)
Experience*, (2) Delivery or Schedule*, (3) Quality, and (4) Approach
or Method.  Technical evaluation factors may include responsibility
related criteria.  However, responsibility criteria can be used to
rank small business firms, but cannot be used to exclude a firm as
unacceptable.  By statute, only SBA can make a determination of
nonresponsibility on a small business.  DFARS 219.705-2(d) states that
in any procurement involving technical evaluations, including source
selection, the extent of participation of small and small
disadvantaged business in the performance of the contract shall be
used as an evaluation factor.

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