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d) Connector plugs and receptacles shall be positioned to
facilitate rapid connection and disconnection of major items.
e) Wire and cables shall be long enough to allow otherwise
inaccessible equipment to be removed for service without disconnection.
f) Conductors shall have sufficient clearance from high-heat-
radiating components.
g) The minimum bending radius shall not be violated in any case.
Metallic Ducts
a) Ducting is the preferred method of running cable.
b) Under-floor areas shall be used for cabling only if the under-
floor structure is specially designed for this purpose.
c) Conduit shall be used where penetration of walls, floors, or
roofs is necessary.
Conductor Terminations
a) Terminal Boards; Wires and cables shall be arranged on
terminal boards to minimize inductive and capacitive effects.
b) Distribution Frames.  All cables, except antenna cable carrying
information to or from equipment, cabinets, or containers, shall terminate at
a distribution frame or junction box.  Audio and control circuit terminations
shall be separate to minimize interference.
c) Terminations.  Terminals that grip the wire insulation shall be
used.  To facilitate equipment removal, quick-disconnect cable terminations
are desirable.
d) Insulation Protection.  Textile and glass-insulated ends of
wire shall be secured against fraying by mechanical means or by applying
varnish conforming to military specifications.
e)  Strain Relief. Strain relief shall be provided such that, when
portable cables are plugged into container-mounted connectors, the weight of
the cable does not hang on the connector.
f) Service Loops.  Sufficient slack shall be left in conductors to
make at least two additional terminations.
g) Spare Conductor Runs.  Ten percent spares shall be available so
that conductors may be replaced without having to run new cables.  Spares
shall be long enough to reach the remote terminal within the cabinet or
equipment; they shall be folded back and laced until used.


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