Quantcast Equipment Room Location -Cont.

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b)  The equipment room should also have continuous HVAC
sized to accommodate the equipment installed and must have access
to adequate electrical service.  EIA/TIA 569 recommends that
buildings having 2000 sq. m (20,000 sq. ft.) or greater of usable
floor space, should have a designated equipment room.  When there
is less than 2000 sq. m (20,000 sq. ft.) of usable floor space a
dedicated closet may suffice.  The final determination should be
based on the connectivity and hardware requirements of the
building and its tenants.  When determining the location of the
equipment room EIA/TIA 569 recommends consideration be given to
the following factors:
(1)  Area must be free of potential water
infiltration.  Avoid boiler rooms, washrooms, janitor's closets,
area below bathrooms, spaces with steam pipes, drains, etc.;
(2)  Avoid areas which will restrict expansion or
growth of the facility;
(3)  Avoid areas which include, or are adjacent to,
high vibration or excessively noisy equipment;
(4)  Do not allow the selected space be used as a
storage area for items not directly associated with the function
of the space (cleaning supplies, paper products, grounds-keeping
equipment and material, combustible dust, or fuels); and
(5)  Avoid spaces collocated with or adjacent to
equipment with high EMI ratings, such as elevators, door openers,
copiers, transformers, industrial equipment, etc.
c)  The equipment room must provide adequate floor
space to support the initial installation of new systems and be
capable of managed growth over the useful life of the building.
To properly size an equipment room, the RCDD must obtain a
detailed listing of space requirements for equipment, support
materials, backboards, terminal blocks, various environmental,
security, and fire alarm panels and administrative and
maintenance functions that the claimant organization(s) or
equipment vendors intend to locate in the equipment room.  This
listing must identify the physical requirements of the equipment
such as dimensions, weight, power requirements, heat dissipation
(in Btu's), installation methods, whether wall mount, floor
cabinets, or racks, and OSHA and NFPA 70 egress and personnel
work clearances.  The environmental information and dimensions
are readily obtainable from the manufacturer or suppliers of the


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