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hydraulic piston type of swing gate power-operator has a greater degree of
reliability, particularly in areas of measurable snowfall.  Greater
reliability generally relates to lower maintenance cost.  With the acquisition
cost of swing gate power-operators being comparable, the hydraulic piston type
of swing gate power-operator is recommended for swing-gates.
Gate Power-Operator Peripherals.  The means of activating gate
power-operators can be as simple as push buttons to open, close, and stop the
gate or can be a very complex electronic automated system. The requirements
of controlling the motion, direction, braking, and locking of the gate and
gate power-operator are increasingly more demanding. Manufacturers can
provide many additional features as standard equipment such as "pause to
reverse" and "maximum run time."  ("Pause to reverse" delays the gate from
immediately reversing from an open cycle to a close cycle, thereby avoiding
the shock load on the gate power-operator's mechanics; "Maximum run time"
prevents the gate power-operator from continuing to run after a preset time if
the gate is obstructed.)
Access control must be a primary consideration for the designer
when designing gate systems.  Access control may be as simple as having a
guard physically open a gate to allow access, or as complex as a system that
logs the activity of individuals and the time of their access to specified
areas by use of a designated code number.  Features, devices, and electronic
equipment to automate or expedite access control should be considered during
the design of power-operated gates.
A number of issues must be addressed before an access control
system design can be considered complete.  These include pedestrian traffic,
reversing devices to keep gates from closing on vehicles, traffic flow, number
of open and close cycles, and type of vehicular traffic.  The designer needs
to analyze the operational site security plan and review the details of his
on-site inspection.  Next, he should discuss access requirements for the
restricted area(s) concerned with the facility Security Officer to determine
the degree of access control required.  Electronic access control has a very
broad spectrum of devices, technology, and capabilities. DM-13.02 should be
consulted for specific information concerning electronic access control
systems.  Additionally,  technical guidance may be obtained from the Naval
Electronic Systems Engineering Center (NAVELEXCEN), Code 33 at DSN 563-2030
(803-745-4942) or write:
Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center
Code 33
4600 Mariott Drive
Charleston, SC 29418-6504
The following are several considerations for selecting peripheral equipment to
activate gate power-operators:


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