Quantcast Figure 20. Entry Control Point Layout

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inside the exit gate to slow down or forcibly stop a high-speed entry attack
through the exit.
Figure 20.
Entry Control Point Layout.
The ECP shown in Figure 21 represents an entry control arrangement
for a restricted area securing critical components but having a low volume of
assigned personnel and minimal visitor traffic to access daily.  Direct
straight-in vehicle access is impeded by a sharp curve and passive vehicle
barriers to lessen the possible success of a high-speed vehicle attack.
Personnel must pass through turnstiles on foot, one at a time to access the
restricted area.  Vehicles are processed and inspected in a sally-port area
before being allowed to enter or exit the restricted area. Sally-port gates
and personnel turnstiles are paired in-line with the direction of entry so
that one must be closed and locked before the other of the pair may be opened.
Gate opening and locking system overrides must be provided for emergency
vehicles.  All opening, locking, and emergency controls are contained within
the ECP building.


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