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For nuclear weapons storage facilities, all sentry booth or
gatehouse designs shall be in accordance with NAVFAC P-272 Definitive Designs,
NAVFAC Drawing 1404126, Physical Security Requirements for Special Weapons
Storage Site.  The NAVFAC Definitive Drawing is considered the minimum design
and construction criteria for such facilities and are mandatory for facility
Location.  A sentry booth or gatehouse will be provided for all
entrance gates that are manned by security personnel on a full or part-time
basis.  They should be located as close as possible to entry gates to permit
personnel inside the booth or gatehouse to maintain constant surveillance over
the entrance and approaches.  In addition, site layout should allow for
vehicle inspections or search without causing undue traffic backups.  Figure
20 depicts an ideal entry control point, locations, and roadway clearances.
Explosives safety criteria contained in NAVSEA OP 5, Volume 1, Ammunition and
Explosives Ashore, Safety Regulations for Handling, Storing, Production,
Renovation, and Shipping, must be considered in siting sentry booths and
gatehouses at explosive component storage areas.
The entry control facility for nuclear weapons storage facilities
is part of the perimeter security system and is the point from which personnel
and vehicle control, and badge exchange operations are conducted.  The
personnel entry gate and access route shall be arranged and constructed to
ensure that personnel pass the entry controller or badge exchange point and
enter the area singly under the positive control of the security force
(remotely operated gate, door, or turnstile controlled from within the gate
house).  See Figure 21 for a typical entry control facility for special
weapons storage facility.
Site-Built Structures.  As previously discussed, a thorough site
analysis and review of operational requirements for the area involved must be
accomplished prior to initiating design of sentry booths or gatehouses.
NAVFAC P-80, Facility Planning Criteria, provides general spacing criteria and
should be followed when designing sentry booths and gatehouses for other
facilities.  A typical site-built gatehouse is shown in Figure 31.  Some basic
considerations are provided in the following subparagraphs to assist the
Structure Size.  When determining structure size consider the
number of personnel that will be assigned during normal operations, and the
electronic and electrical equipment (e.g., communications equipment and gate
controls) requirements.  The mechanical support equipment (HVAC), storage
space, and space provided for such equipment in addition to security personnel
space allocations should also be determined.  The surface area of any required
counter or work space must be added to the overall floor space requirements
for the structure.


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