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Barb Wire Arm (5).  An arm connected to a line post which supports 3 strands
of barbed wire on an inward or outward 45 degree angle or in a vertical
position.  V-type barbed wire arms are available to accommodate 6 strands of
barbed wire.
Barbed Wire (4).  Protective wire available with the 4-point barbs spaced
either 3 inches or 5 inches (75 or 127 mm) apart.
Barbed Tape.  A flat steel strip fabricated such that the material exhibits
sharp barbs, or clusters of barbs, intended for use as an anti-personnel
Brace Band.  A symmetrically formed strip of metal shaped to fit around a post
used to attached the rail end to the post.
Brace Rail.  A rail used in conjunction with the truss rod to form a
structural support between terminal post and adjacent line post.
Closed circuit television.
A device to receive and hold the drop bar on a double gate.
Center Stop.
Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.
Chief of Naval Operations.
Concrete Footing (14).  Terminal post footings should be 12 inches (300 mm)
wide and 36 inches (1 m) deep.  Line post footings should be 10 inches (250
mm) wide and 36 inches (1 m) deep.  When solid rock is encountered, a hole is
core drilled 1-inch (25 mm) larger than the diameter of the post, 12 inches
(300 mm) deep, and the post grouted into place.
Corner Post (3). A terminal post, used where the direction of the fence line
changes direction.
The opening formed by the woven wires in chain link fence fabric.
Diamond Count.  The number of diamond openings from one edge of fabric to the
other.  The count of a given fabric shall begin at the first completed diamond
at one edge and continue to the unfinished (half) or full opening at the other
DM. Design Manual.
Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards.
Entry Control Point.
End Post.
The terminal post at the end of a line of fence.


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