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Fabric (1).  A fencing material made from wire helically wound and interwoven
in such a manner as to provide a continuous mesh without knots or ties except
the knuckled or twisted ends of the wires to form selvages of the fabric.
Fabric is available in various widths, gauges, breaking strengths, and
protective coatings.
Flange.  A plate or casting for securing a post to a floor or a horizontal
rail to a wall.
Frame Hinge.
A fitting that attaches to the gate frame and functions with the
post hinge.
Framework.  The basic structure supporting installed fabric, namely the post,
rails, and tension wires.
Zinc-coating of steel materials.
Galvanized After.
Describes steel chain-link fabric that is coated after
Galvanized Before.
Describes steel chain-link fabric that is coated before
Gate Frame.
The structural member(s) of the gate.
Gate Hold Back.
A device to receive and hold the gate leaf in the open
Gate Latch.
A fitting to hold the gate in place when closed.
Gate Post.  The post to which a gate is attached via hinges.
It may also be
used as terminal post.
The distance across the fabric from one selvage edge to the other.
Hog Ring (7).  A C-shaped wire clip which attaches the tension wire to the
chain-link fabric at approximately 24-inch (.60 m) intervals.
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
In accordance with.
Intrusion Detection System.
Infrared beam.
km. Kilometers.


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