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Selvage (2).
The manufactured finish to the top and bottom edges of the
Sleeve Top Rail.  A fitting used to join two pieces of top rail when a swaged
top rail is not used.
Stretching.  The process of putting tension on the fabric to make it hang
uniformly along the line of fence between terminal post.
Swedge.  The expanded end of a top rail that allows it to fit into and join
another piece of top rail.
Tension Band.  An offset strip of metal shaped to fit around the terminal post
and attach the tension bar to the post.
Tension Bar (12).  The bar which is threaded through the last vertical link of
fabric.  It attaches the fabric to the terminal post.
Tension Clip (13).  A clip which attaches the tension bars to a square
terminal post inserted into the post eliminating the need for wrap-around
Terminal Post (3).  The basic load-bearing component for a line of fence, to
or from which the fabric is stretched; it may be an end, gate, corner or pull
Tension Wire (6).  When top rail is not used, tension wire is installed within
the top 6 inches (150 mm) of the fence.  This heavy wire gives rigidity to the
top of the fence.
Tie wire (11).
Wire used to attach the fabric to the top rail and line post.
Top Rail.  (Used in gate fabrication only) 1-3/8 inches (35 mm) O.D. round
tubing gives support to the top of the fabric and offers a symmetrical
appearance to the fence.
Truss Rod (9).  A rod used in brace assemblies to draw and hold the line post
firmly to the brace rail.  The truss rod uses an adjustable turnbuckle to
maintain proper tension.
Twist.  The type of selvage obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends
together in a close helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to three
full twists.
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