Quantcast Section 9: Cost Analysis

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Introduction.  This section provides a process for
estimating the cost of glazing systems to aid in evaluating
performance trade-offs.  The process addresses costs for cross-
sections, frames, anchorage, installation, and life cycle.
Worksheets are provided to simplify the process.
Cost Estimate Procedure.  Figure 34 presents a process
chart and provides a description of the procedure.  The procedure
involves determining estimates for three components of and two
operations related to security glazing systems.  These estimates
are combined to form a life cycle cost estimate.
The following information is
required for a cost estimate:
a) Glazing systems.  This information is determined
using Figure 8 for a selection application or Figure
9 for an evaluation application.  This information
is recorded on the Cross-Section Selection worksheet
or the Cross-Section Evaluation worksheet.
b) Worksheets (see Appendix B):
1)  None
Cross-Section Cost Estimate Procedure.  This procedure
assists an analyst in computing an estimate for a cross-section's
material and fabrication costs.  Material costs are computed on a
per unit area or per unit length basis.  Fabrication costs
account for material size and weight. Figure 35 presents a
process chart and a description of the procedure.
Required Information.  The following information is
required for a cross-section cost estimate:
a) Worksheets (see Appendix B):
1)  Cross-Section Cost Factor (CSCF)


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