Quantcast Figure C-14. Description: Safevue Selection Analysis Procedure

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<1> Create Safevue Data Entry Worksheet. On a Safevue Data Entry worksheet, enter a
project/building identification, asset identification, and the current date.
Proceed to <2>.
<2> Safevue Startup. Begin executing the Safevue computer program usinFigure C-6
Proceed to <3>.
<3> For Each Cross-Section Type: For each cross-section type on the Cross-Section
Selection worksheet that is being considered, do <4> through <9>.  When done,
return to Figure 24
<4> Data Preparation for Selection Analysis. Prepare worksheets for Safevue data
entry using Figure C-15
.  Proceed to <5>.
<5> Create Safevue Analysis Worksheet. On a Safevue Analysis worksheet, enter a
project/building identification and the current date.  In the first row under
column (a), enter the asset identification.  Proceed to <6>.
<6> Data Entry
.  Enter data into Safevue program using igure C-7
.  Proceed to <7>.
<7> Results Analysis. Analyze the simulation results to determine if the cross-
section requires modification.  Use igure C-19
.  Proceed to <8>.
<8> Does Cross-Section Require Modification? If the cross-section must be modified
and another simulation run, proceed to <9>.  If no change to the cross-section
is needed, proceed to <11>.
<9> Select Change from Menu. From the Safevue Control Menu, select item K, "Change
GLAZING and RE-RUN."  Proceed to <10>.
<10>Plate Data Preparation: Prepare data for each plate in cross-section using
Figure C-18
.  Proceed to <6>.
<11>Enter Cross-Section on Worksheet. From the Safevue Analysis worksheet (see
Appendix B for all worksheets), get the cross-section total thickness from
column (d).  In the appropriate column for the specific tactic (vehicle bomb or
exterior) and applicable row for the cross-section, enter the total cross-
section thickness (and other material thicknesses, if applicable) on the Cross-
Section Selection worksheet.  Proceed to <3> for next cross-section.
Figure C-14
Safevue Selection Analysis Procedure


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