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GLOSSARY (Continued)
Runway Exit.  A taxiway pavement provided for turnoffs from the runway to a
taxiway; may be either normal or high speed.
Runway Threshold.  A line perpendicular to the runway centerline designating the
beginning of that portion of a runway usable for landing.
Service Point.  A receptacle, embedded in certain airfield pavements, containing
outlets for utilities required to service aircraft.
Shoulder.  An area provided for emergency use of aircraft and for dust and
erosion control.  Shoulders are provided for runways, taxiways, aprons, and
compass roses.  Some are paved, some are not.
Stabilized Soil.  Soil treated in such a manner as to render its properties less
affected by water or to increase its load-bearing capacity.
A paved surface over which aircraft can move under their own power.
Taxiway Turnoff.  A taxiway leading from a runway to allow landing aircraft to
exit and clear the runway after completing their initial landing roll.
Tiedown Anchor.  A device, installed in certain airfield pavements, to which
lines tying down an aircraft are secured and grounding is provided.
A paved surface over which aircraft can be towed.
True North.  The geographic north; the direction of the geographic North Pole
from a given point on the earth's surface.
Wind Direction.
The direction from which the wind is blowing in reference to
true north.
Wind Rose.  A diagram showing the relative frequency and strength of the wind in
correlation with a runway configuration and in reference to true north.  It
provides a graphic analysis to obtain the total wind coverage for any runway
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