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GLOSSARY (Continued)
High-Speed Taxiway Turnoff.  A taxiway leading from a runway at an angle which
allows landing aircraft to leave a runway at high speeds.
Instrument Runway.  A runway which is provided with landing aids (such as high
intensity runway lighting approach lights) and navigation aids for IFR
Intermediate Area.  The area between runways and between runways and taxiways
that is graded or cleared for operational safety.
Landing Area.  The paved portion of a landing field for the safe landing and
takeoff of aircraft.
Landing Field.  Any area of land consisting of one or more landing strips,
including the intermediate area, that is designed for the safe takeoff and
landing of aircraft.
Landing Rollout.  Distance covered in stopping the aircraft, when loaded to
maximum landing weight, following touchdown using standard operation and braking
procedures on a hard, dry-surfaced level runway with no wind.
Landing Strip.  That portion of an airfield that includes the landing area, the
end zones, and the shoulder areas.  Also known as a flight strip.
Line Vehicle.  Any vehicle used on the landing strip, such as a crash fire truck
and tow tractor.
Magnetic North.  The direction indicated by the north-seeking element of a
magnetic compass when influenced only by the earth's magnetic field.
Magnetic Variation.
The angular difference between magnetic north and true
Overlay (Also Overlay Pavement).  A rigid or nonrigid pavement constructed on an
existing pavement to increase its load-carrying capacity.
Overrun Area.  An area the width of the runway plus paved shoulders extending
from the end of the runway to the outer limit of the end zone.  The portion
which is a prolongation of the runway is the stabilized area.
Parallel Runway.
Special form of dual runway in which the runway centerlines
are parallel.
Power Check.  The full power test of an aircraft engine while the aircraft is
held stationary.
Rotary-Wing Aircraft.  An airplane, such as a helicopter or autogiro, having
wings that rotate about an axis, especially such an aircraft having wings that
rotate about an approximately vertical axis.
Runway.  A paved surface for the landing and takeoff of aircraft.
This includes
all-weather runways, instrument runways, and crosswind runways.


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