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GLOSSARY (Continued)
Blast Protective Area.  An area protected by pavement construction at the ends
of runways and taxiways against jet blast errosion.
Bond-Breaking Course.  A separating course preventing bond development between
an existing rigid pavement and rigid overlay pavement.
Caution Area.
An area in which a visible hazard to aircraft in flight exists.
Clearway.  An area free from obstruction at the upwind end of the takeoff runway
in prolongation of the runway, covering an area 3,000 feet long by 500-feet
Crash Strip.  An area free of obstructions provided at the upwind end of takeoff
runways, in prolongation of the overrun area.
Crosswind Runway.  A secondary runway that is required when the primary runway
direction provides less than 95 percent total wind coverage.
Displaced Threshold.  A runway threshold that is not at the beginning of the
full-strength runway pavement.
Dual Runway.  Simultaneously usable runways that provide for traffic movement
beyond the capacity of a single runway.
End Zone.  A cleared and graded area extending beyond the end of the runway,
capable of supporting an aircraft in event of overrun of the runway during an
aborted takeoff or on landing when rollout extends beyond the runway.
Fixed-Wing Aircraft.  An airplane having wings which do not normally move
relative to the plane during flight.  High-speed, swept-wing aircraft are
considered to be fixed-wing aircraft.
Flight Path.  The track of the aircraft in space during flight, including the
glide path to touchdown on landing.
Full Stop Landing.  The touchdown, rollout, and complete stopping of an aircraft
to zero speed on runway paving.
Glide Angle.  The acute angle between the descending flight path of an aircraft
and a horizontal plane fixed relative to the runway.
Glide Path.  The line to be followed by an aircraft as it descends from
horizontal flight to point of landing.  One of the three elements of an
instrument landing system which furnishes vertical guidance for the correct
descent to a runway.
Hardstand.  A paved or stabilized parking area of sufficient strength and size
to accommodate a designated number of aircraft or mobile equipment.  It is
connected to the runway or traffic area by a taxiway or towway.
A rotary-wing aircraft.


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