Quantcast Section 9: Parade and Drill Fields

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Section 9:
Siting and Dimensions.  The terrain should be relatively flat, with
a slight slope for drainage.  Consideration should be given to using the
parade and drill field for athletic and other recreational activities.
Criteria for parade and drill fields follow.
Naval Training Station. Drill field will be 500 x 1,200 ft
(152.4 x 365.76 m), centrally located within each 5,000-man group.
Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Parade and drill field will be
900 X 2,500 ft (274.32 x 762 m), adjacent to the troop billeting areas. A
drill field within each regimental area will be 500 x 1,200 ft
(152.4 x 365.76 m).
Major Marine Barracks.  In the billeting area, an adjacent field
will be 1,000 x 3,000 ft (304.8 x 914.4 m).  In each regimental area, the
drill field will be 500 x 1,200 ft (152.4 x 365.76 m).
Types of Surface.  Where erosion is not a serious problem, a well-
turfed field is preferable.  Water outlets will be located every 250 ft (76 m)
along each side of the field.  For pavement criteria, refer to NAVFAC DM-5.4.


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