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Prior to submitting a fee proposal (unless exempted by the PM), it is the
responsibility of the A&E to visit and inspect the location of the work and to
become acquainted with all pertinent local conditions. Following conclusion of fee
negotiations and at the initial field investigation visit, the A&E shall contact the
Public Works Officer or Commanding Officer and discuss the contract scope of work
schedule of performance. It is the policy of LANTDIV that a preproposal or predesign
meeting be formally conducted on all MILCON and other major funded projects.
Where the Activity is located at excessive distance (generally overseas), specific fee
reimbursement will be provided for this purpose. The PM will establish the method.
All conferences with LANTNAVFACENGCOM personnel or Station personnel,
including telephone conversations, consultation, etc., which involve some question of
scope, primary design element, or other consideration of basic import, shall be
submitted in writing by the A&E and forwarded to LANTNAVFACENGCOM, marked
for the attention of the Project Manager; the general intent being that the PM will be
fully apprised of all factors affecting the project. The contract scope of work or
schedule of performance shall not under any circumstances be modified without a
contract modification.
It is the A&E's responsibility to be fully cognizant of the contractual
requirements of the schedule of performance. During the course of the work, the A&E
will provide an assessment of his progress to the LANTNAVFACENGCOM PM. The
progress report will be submitted not later than the 15th of each month and will reflect
the most current data at the time of submission. At a minimum, the following
information will be provided:
A. Contracted schedule percentage complete.
B. Actual percentage complete.
C. If the progress is in arrears, the A&E must develop a plan of action to
correct the slippage and meet contractual milestones.
D. List outstanding actions/decisions, the action/decision responsible party
and the date the action/decision must be resolved to maintain the contracted schedule.
The A&E progress report should be submitted on the Contract A&E Progress
Report form, signed and dated by a principal of the firm. (See sample Contract A&E
Progress Report, Page 2-12.)


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