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All submittals shall comply with the A&E Guide and with the Appendix A
requirements contained in the A&E Contract. Incomplete packages submitted for the
sole purpose of meeting a contract date will be returned. Associated invoices will also
be returned unpaid until receipt of a complete resubmittal.
Noncompliance with these reporting procedures and failure to meet the
contracted schedule will be considered when the A&E Performance Evaluation is
Any available information relative to existing conditions at the site of the
construction will be furnished to the A&E who (unless fee negotiations establish
otherwise) shall evaluate and verify such information and make field measurements
and investigations as necessary to prepare adequate construction drawings and
specifications. When the exposure of existing subsurface construction is considered
necessary, the A&E shall arrange with the PM for accomplishment of this work The
A&E shall contact the Public Works Officer and obtain approval to dig, probe,
sample or drill in order to avoid injury or damage from encountering active utilities.
The A&E shall make all field surveys required for design and preparation of
construction documents. In general, this may consist of topographic site surveys,
alignment, profiles and cross sections. A sufficient number of semi-permanent survey
points to serve as initial horizontal and vertical survey controls for construction of the
project shall be set. The horizontal control points and bench marks shall be shown and
described on the plans. The datum used shall be that used for the station or area in
question and shall be shown on the appropriate site drawings. The surveying firm
shall obtain from LANTNAVFACENGCOM (not the Activity) the bench mark or
datum location to be used for the project design. That datum shall be confirmed in
writing. Failure to comply with this requirement may be cause for survey/design
rework at no additional cost to the Government. Boundary surveys to be used as
instruments for real estate purposes shall carry the seal of a licensed land surveyor
acceptable to the political subdivision in question.
Determine from LANTNAVFACENGCOM Code 405 if digital graphics
database of field survey is required, and if so, follow these instructions: Field Survey
shall be provided in an AutoCAD compatible format, either DXF or .DWG, submitted
on high density floppy disks containing the finished drawings upon approval of the


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