Quantcast Subsurface Conditions

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submittal. Layering shall be in accordance with CAD LAYER GUIDELINES (ALA
Publication R809), Chapter 3, "Summary Layer List Without Modifiers." Code 405 will
advise when sub-modifiers are required. This publication is available from the
American Institute of Architects Press, 1735 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC
20006. The eight character drawing file name will be set up in the following manner:
0187 - First four characters are the last four digits of the construction contract
- One digit, always C
001 - Three digit drawing number
Provide one file of the survey in its entirety and one file of the survey as a
finished drawing.
The A&E is required to take soil borings and evaluate subsurface conditions in
all cases where the Contracting Officer and A&E determine that soil explorations and
laboratory soil test data are necessary, i.e., when adequate data is not available in the
LANTNAVFACENGCOM's files. Complete reports of these tests, including specific
interpretations and recommendations, are essential and copies of such reports shall be
made part of the information available to all prospective bidders. The A&E shall
analyze and interpret all necessary information concerning foundation soil conditions
and shall include, in the preparation of specifications and drawings, complete and
specific coverage of procedures for foundation construction and for handling unusual
subsurface conditions. Soil explorations and tests should conform to the essential
requirements outlined in NAVFAC Design Manual DM-7, "Soil Mechanics and Earth
Structures" and MIL-HDBK 1021, "Airfield Pavement". The A&E shall contact the
Public Works Officer prior to arriving on the station and obtain approval to dig,
probe, sample or drill in order to avoid injury or damage from encountering active
Construction scheduling, i.e., sequence of events and time of construction, is
required to be submitted for all projects. For projects which involve interruptions of
existing building operations or major utility usage, it is the A&E's responsibility to


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