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It is not the responsibility of the A&E to review the design of the standard or
construction drawings furnished for technical accuracy. However, if errors in the
drawings are discovered or if the design or functional layout appears unworkable for
site adaptation, the matter will be brought immediately to the attention of the PM.
If the A&E cannot fit necessary mechanical or electrical equipment into the space
provided in the standard plan, then such space will be adjusted or increased as
necessary for the equipment. Such necessary changes are part of site adaptation.
Procedures for Preparing Permit Application:
For projects that require construction and operating permit applications, a
list of those required permits shall be included in the contract's Appendix "A". The
designer is responsible to have knowledge of the project's geographical location and the
environmental construction and operating permits required for the facility. The
designer is responsible to confirm any requirements for the project.
The A&E should not be contacting the regulator without guidance and
approval by the LANTDIV technical code.
The draft permit application for some permits can be submitted prior to 35%.
The schedule in the Appendix A should identify the draft and final permit application
dates. In multi-discipline projects, like BEQ, vehicle maintenance shops, warehouse,
etc. usually the regulated aspects of the design can be scheduled early in the design so
that permit applications can be made. This particularly applies to civil site work as the
site work is generally complete prior to the architectural and electrical drawings. The
applications will be reviewed by the cognizant LANTNAVFACENGCOM Technical
Code for accuracy and completeness. If needed, the reviewed permits shall be returned
for correction to the A&E along with the completed review package.
Procedures for Submitting and Obtaining Permit Approvals:
(1) The A&E Firm will submit the reviewed permit applications (with
corrections) by letter to the PM who will forward it to the cognizant
LANTNAVFACENGCOM Technical Code prior to the 100% submittal.
(2) The LANTNAVFACENGCOM Technical Code shall be responsible


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