Quantcast 35% Submittal -Cont.

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(d) Mechanical
Site Plan
Plumbing Floor Plan - Showing fixtures and equipment
HVAC Floor Plan - Showing equipment locations, one or two
line duct layout, preliminary piping runs
Mechanical Room Plans - Showing major equipment and
maintenance access space
(e) Electrical
Site Plan
Lighting Floor Plan and Lighting Fixture Schedule
Power Floor Plan
Special Systems (telecommunications, FA, CATV, CCTV,
intercom, etc.) Floor Plan(s)
One Line Diagrams and/or Power Riser Diagrams
NOTE: Electrical floor plans should indicate proposed number
and location of fixtures, outlets, devices, etc., but should not indicate any conduit or
cable runs. Electrical floor plans should also indicate proposed location and space
required for electrical equipment such as transformers, switchboards, panel boards,
telecommunication equipment, etc.
(2) Basis of Design - See Section 4.
(3) Preliminary Color Design - See Section 4.3.
(4) Exterior Architectural Design Submittal - See Section 3.3.1.B.(3).
(5) Outline Specification - See Section 6.
(6) Cost Estimate -See Section 7.
Bid items: If estimated construction cost exceeds the established
budget, identify potential additive bid items in accordance with Section 6.13.
(7) Geotechnical reports and foundation studies.


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