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(8) Proposed construction schedule and schedule of major utility outages -
See Section 2.9.
(9) Calculations - Include to the extent required by the Basis of Design -
See Section 4.
(10) See Submittal Flow Diagram in Energy Conservation (See Section
(11) Dust and Erosion Control Plan (See Section 4.5.8).
(12) Stormwater Management Plan (See Section 4.5.13).
(13) See Value Engineering Section 2.11 for VE Submittal Requirements.
NOTE: The basis of design and outline specification should be combined
into a single bound document. Other elements must be separate.
(1) Distribution and number of copies is Activity/project specific and will
be provided by the PM in the contract's Appendix A.
(2) Provide the following to the Value Engineering (VE) Team on all
projects requiring a VE study:
(a) Two sets of full size drawings.
(b) Two sets of half size drawings.
(c) Specifications (2 copies).
(d) Detailed Cost Estimate (4 copies).
(e) Basis of design (6 copies).
(f) Design Calculations (mechanical, electrical, etc.).
(g) Boring logs and soil reports.
(h) Photographs of site (8" X 10" size).


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