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(d) Range of cost (use a span of cost to avoid compromise of bid estimate;
e.g. $1M - $2M, $3M - $5M etc.)
(e) Environmental Statement: Provide statement "This project will not
contribute to water or air pollution and will not adversely affect the ecology" or a
statement of measures and criteria to mitigate environmentally sensitive features of the
(f) Statement of military or operational necessity for the project.
(Information to be provided by the Project Manager).
(2) Provide a statement of physical security features the facility will contain
(unclassified). Describe any automatic reporting to centralized activity security
(3) Provide photographs of adjacent facilities and surroundings.
(4) Provide site plan clearly indicating the location of the proposed project in
the context of the installation and associated roads, sidewalks, substations, pump
houses, parking, etc. Buildings to be demolished or abandoned must be shown.
(5) Floor plans and elevations.
(6) Exterior colors proposed.
DISTRIBUTION: Two copies of the draft shall be submitted with the PEP
(or 35% submittal) for review. Ten copies of the final document shall be submitted as
conclusion of the PEP documentation review.
3.3.8  DUAL LANGUAGE: Preparation of plans and specifications is required to be
prepared in dual language at a majority of our overseas locations. The A&E shall
presume translation is required unless the contracted scope indicates otherwise.
3.3.9  ITALIAN LAW COMPLIANCE: Final plans prepared for construction in Italy
require certification by an engineer or architect registered on the National Professional
Rolls of Italy. Certification in the form of a letter, attesting to the designs compliance
with all Italian codes satisfies this requirement. In addition, a structural certification is
required in the form of a signature on the structural drawings and on the structural
design calculations. Plans prepared by a U.S. registered professional organization shall
be stamped by the designer of record and/or the participating Italian registered firm.


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