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The number of visits and A&E team composition is based on the size, complexity,
qualifications of ROICC personnel at the site and location of the project. The request
for a site visit and the preferred A&E team composition will be determined by the
ROICC. Only the design disciplines directly involved with that particular critical
design element should make site visits. Visits will be coordinated and scheduled by
the ROICC to allow the A&E and Government to get maximum benefit from each trip.
The number of site visits and stage of construction shall be addressed in the
A&E Contract Appendix A.
For purposes of establishing a level of effort for negotiation for Design Field
Support, the A&E shall submit proposed costs for performing this work based on the
following assumed site visits by the indicated A&E personnel (break down and show
all associated travel expenses):
A. Pre-Construction Conference (1 day) (A&E attendance required only for
highly complex or high visibility projects): The A&E's Project Manager shall attend the
preconstruction conference for the purpose of consultation on matters relating to the
project and to become acquainted with problems which the ROICC and/or the
construction contractor anticipate during construction. The A&E's Project Manager
shall be prepared to answer construction contractor questions regarding the drawings
and specifications. The atmosphere and tone of the conference shall be such that team
building is promoted between the ROICC, A&E and contractor. The A&E shall submit
to the ROICC, within 5 calendar days following the conference, 2 copies of written
documentation of answers to all questions/problems not resolved during the pre-
construction conference. Submit one copy of such documentation to the PM.
B.  25% Construction Progress Review (1 day): Team normally to consist of
Structural Engineer and one other technical discipline.
C. 50% Construction Progress Review (1 day): Team normally to consist of
Architect, roofing specialist and one other technical discipline.
D. 75% Construction Progress Review (1 day): Team normally to consist of
Architect, Mechanical Engineer (HVAC), Electrical Engineer and one other technical
1.  Facility Review (1 day): Coincident with the above, a representative of
the LANTNAVFACENGCOM Construction Division may attend and note would be
taken of the state of the quality of the construction. LANTNAVFACENGCOM would
prepare a report for the ROICC's use with input from the A&E's representatives.


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