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Submittal Register. The contractor's Quality Control Manager will be the reviewing
and approving official on projects if this procedure is not followed. See "Instructions to
A&E's and Typists" for further instructions on Submittal Register and the "G"
The list of systems, equipment and materials in this paragraph shall always be
checked/approved by the designer of record. The specification writer may add to the
list where deemed sufficiently critical or complex or aesthetically significant to merit
approval by the Government. The provisions in the previous paragraph must be
followed to insure that the listings for these submittals carry the proper annotations.
The lists are as follows:
(1) Section 02950 - Trees, Plants, and Ground Covers
Nursery Certificates: Plant materials
Certificates of Compliance: Plant materials, fertilizer
(2) Section 04200 - Unit Masonry
Design Data: Pre-mixed mortar mix design
Catalog Data: Accessories, flashing
Factory Test Reports: Efflorescence test
Sample: Face brick, colored mortar
(3) Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
Catalog Data: Roofing, flashing, insulation, roofing shingles; colors
and finishes of sheet metal items
(4) Division 8 - Doors and Windows
Shop Drawings: Doors, Windows, Glass
Schedule: Finish hardware schedule
(5) Division 9 - Finishes
Samples: Colors, textures, and patterns for all interior and exterior
(6) Section 10440 - Signs
Samples: Style, size, shape, colors, construction
Drawings: Layouts and details of signs


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