Quantcast Scheduling and Sequencing Construction Contracts

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handled or removed in accordance with NFGS-01560, "Environmental
Protection," or NFGS-02080, "Removal and Disposal of Asbestos Material."
Frequently, it is required that an activity remain in operation while new
equipment is installed and existing equipment is replaced, relocated, modified
or connected to new equipment. When either situation exists, general
statements, such as stating that the activity will remain in operation during the
entire construction period and that the contract work will be accomplished so
as to cause the least possible interference with normal operations, do not
adequately define the requirements to maintain electrical service during the
construction period. The following suggestions are offered:
a. Provide a specific and detailed Sequence of Construction and Schedule
of Work to eliminate or minimize interruptions to activity operations.
Include the Schedule of Work with the 35% design submittal.
b. Specifically identify required power outages. Each power outage must
be defined in terms of advance notification, duration and when outages
may be scheduled (e.g., after normal work hours, weekends, etc.).
Coordinate power outage requirements with the activity.
c. Identify preparations and precautions required of the contractor prior
to starting specific phases of work or implementing power outages.
For instance, if a specific phase of work will interrupt or restrict
operations at the activity, it may be necessary to stipulate that material
and equipment required to complete the work be on hand prior to
starting the work.
d. Specify preliminary operations and testing requirements which may be
necessary to ensure that the possibility of interference to activity
operations is minimized.
e. Specify the contractor's responsibility to provide temporary power
either by means of temporary connections or temporary equipment. If
temporary equipment is required, specify the contractor's responsibility
for operation. maintenance and repair, and demonstrated reliability of
the equipment provided.
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