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This section discusses the design -related submittal of plans and specifications for
Submittal requirements will be covered in the Appendix A. At times circumstances
dictate that a formal 35% submittal be waived. When these circumstances exist, waiving
the 35% submittal is intended to save the time required for submittal preparation and
review and not too short-cut project development. When the formal submittal is waived,
the A&E shall at the 35% design stage cont act the activity, submit the design as
developed thus far, assure mutual understanding of scope and discuss functional and/or
operational requirements which impact the design and/or the construction. Concurrently,
the A&E shall coordinate with Cherry Poin t regarding project scope and development,
i.e., guide specifications, cost estimating, fire protection, etc.
A principal or authorized licensed/certified employee shall apply a stamp or computer
generated seal to final and com plete cover sheets of plans, drawings, plats, technical
reports and specifications. A stamp or computer generated seal shall also be applied to
each original sheet of plans, drawings or plats, prepared by the Registered Architect or
Professional Engineer or someone under their direct control and personal supervision.
a. All seal imprints on final documents shall bear an original signature and date.
b. Incomplete plans, documents and sketches, whether advance or preliminary
copies, shall be so identif ied and need not be sealed or signed.
c. All plans, drawings or plats prepared by the Registered Architect or
Professional Engineer shall bear the Registered Architect or Professional Engineer's
name or firm name, address, and project name.
d. The seal of each Registered Architect or Professional Engineer responsible for
each discipline shall be used.
e. Application of the seal and signature indicates acceptance of responsibility for
work shown thereon.
Each copy of individ ual elements shall be separately bound and shall bear the A&E's
name, the project construction contract number, and date of submittal. Do not use A&E
contract number on any drawings or specifications. Incomplete submittals will NOT be


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