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Medium Rib, shop primed, for new addition.
05500 Metal Fabrications:
Miscellaneous anchors, fasteners, lintels , railings, and pipe sleeves.
Division 6 - Wood and Plastics
Section 06200 Finish Carpentry:
Nailers and blocking at roof, vanities and counter tops, cabinets for
coffee mess.
Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
Section 07112 Bituminous Da mpproofing:
Cold applied, for cavity face of interior width of cavity walls.
07220 Roof and Deck Insulation:
Polyisocyanurate or composite polyurethane, C = 0.03, mechanically
fastened to metal deck.
07240 Masonry Wall Insulation:
Polyisocyanurate, polyurethane, or polystyrene, R -value not less than 5.
Division 8 - Doors and Windows
Section 08110 Steel Doors and Frames:
Grade III, Extra Heavy Duty, throughout. Hot-dip galvanized for exterior
08520 Aluminum Windows:
Double-hung, thermal break, clear anodized or white enamel finish.
08710 Finish Hardware:
Bored locks, push-pull toilet room doors, stainless steel finish except
hinges may be chromium plated.
08800 Glazing:
Insulating glass units for windows, wire glass for doors.
Division 9 - Finishes
Section 09100 Metal Support Systems:
Steel stud partitions and suspended ceilings.
09250 Gypsum Board:
Regular, 1/2 inch, for partitions and ceilings where indicated.


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