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Cherry Point shall edit all Division One sections of the specification and provide a
review copy to the A&E with the pre-final review comments. The A&E shall provide
Cherry Point with construction contract duration time and project special scheduling
requirements with the pre -final submittal.
The standard 16 Division Construction Specifications Institute form at shall be used
on all projects. On small projects or projects of a special nature using only a few
divisions, the listing of non -applicable divisions may be omitted.
Control Diagrams - Provide a written sequence of operation for each mechanical and
electrical control system stating explicitly how systems are to function. Give all pertinent
data regarding safety, alarms, indicators, and control parameters. The sequence of
operations may be shown on the control diagrams in lieu of in the specification.
c. Final submittal. Following the review of the pre -final submittal, comments and
corrections to be included in the final submittal will be furnished to the A&E by Cherry
Point. The final submittal to Cherry Point shall consist of one electronic copy on CD-R
of the complete specification in SPECSINTACT format and two bound printed copies.
In addition, provide one copy of project submittal register and test requirements report, as
well as submittals processing, reference processing, and related operati ons.
Provide the submittal register, which is a list of all submittals required for the
project, using the current version of SPECSINTACT software.
Provide the test requirements report, whic h is a list of all testing required for the
project, using the current version of SPECSINTACT software.
In order to ensure an award being made within available funds, additive bid items will
be established by the A&E in conjunction with t he PM and the station; however, additive
bid items are not required whenever the project cost estimate is clearly within the funds
In composing bid items, the base bid must provide a usable facility. Work increments
for additive bid items sho uld be selected which can logically be separated from the
project without rendering the facility unusable. It is intended that the base bid with all
additive bid items will provide the maximum usable facility for the funds available.
Additive bid items shall be arranged so that the most essential portion of the work is
added first. Succeeding items will be cumulative for purposes of determining if the


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