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Rev. Date 08/20/03
Point of contact at Cherry Point regarding these standards is Skip Conklin at
(252)466-4780 or Phil Fisher at (252)466-4714.
1. Project file naming conventions. Files will be named the NAVFAC drawing number
(i.e. 1234567.dwg). All other file names such as mappin g files shall be approved by
Government PM.
2. All CAD file CD submittals shall have the following labeling on the CD -R.
Item Description
Disc sequence number
Disc 1 of 2
A&E (Consultant) Company Name
Construction Contract No. (A&E contract no. if no construction contract no.)
CP Project Number
FED File Number
Building number drawings specify work on, if applicable
Building 101
Disc Creation Date
4 July 2000
File na mes will be NAVFAC drawing number(s)
3. In general, follow the TSSDS National CAD standards. All specific standards shall be
identified and approved by Government PM. Standards for facility design drawings will be
different in many cases fro m those used for mapping. For layer names, the A&E (Consultant)
shall provide hard copy of layer list to the PM.
4. Graphic drawing contents WILL be created at full scale (1:1 in model space) and plotted at
1:1 in paper space. Drawings WILL be prepared using font and text sizes as stated in
paragraph 5.2 of this manual.
5. Each AutoCAD .dwg file (drawing sheet) shall have the file name & plotted scale (which
will be 1:1 paper space) used to create the presentation hard copy listed in the lower right
hand corner.
6. A&E will electronically submit a copy of all AutoCAD 2002 drawing files on CD -R,
which will be left OPEN.
7. Block & referenced files may be used in the file creation; HOWEVER, the individual
drawing files shall be BOUND together as ON E file prior to burning CD -R.


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