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Custom Search Preliminary Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates are sometimes authorized in
advance of final plans and specifications to assure that requests for authorization and funding are
sound. Under this type of service, the A-E will develop the plans to the requested percentage
of completion and prepare a corresponding outline specification and cost estimate, as
appropriate, to the percentage of plans completion.
1.5.2 Engineering Services as defined in paragraph 1.3. Examples of Engineering Services
include the following. Project Engineering Documentation (Step II Submission). The A-E is requested to
prepare Step II project documentation which provides justification for the funding of Navy
Operating & Maintenace (O&M,N) and Defense Business Operating Fund (DBOF) projects.
Step II's are prepared in accordance with OPNAVINST 11010.20 series FACILITIES PROJECT
MANUAL on NAVFAC (Form) 11014/64 (Rev. 5-74). Engineering Studies or Feasibility Studies. For this type of service, the A-E conducts
a study and presents his findings and recommendations in a report. To complete the study, the
A-E shall collect and analyze data and present the accumulated information in a written report
containing text, charts, tables, drawings, sketches, diagrams, etc., as needed to clearly
substantiate the conclusions and recommendations of the study. Soil Investigation, Test and Reports are generally requested in conjunction with design
services where foundation design and/or land cut and fill are involved. Topographic and Cadastral Surveys are used to site a project in relation to the property
boundaries and to provide site preparation information, such as grading, excavation and fill
requirements. These surveys are used to establish boundaries for legal descriptions of real estate
holdings and for the acquisition of new easements and real estate. Hydrographic Surveys include the sounding of waterways or bodies of water with an
electronic echo sounder or lead line. When requested to provide such a survey, the A-E shall
prepare and submit a report that includes a plot of the soundings and the computations regarding
the indicated quantities. Landscape Design includes the development of planting plans that add aesthetic value
to the overall project design. PACNAVFACENGCOM P-900, A Guide to Landscaping &
Grounds Maintenance, shall be used as a guide. Interior Design includes the development of a coordinated decoration plan for the
interior of a building.
In the development of the plan, the A-E may select color schemes, interior furnishings, furniture
and special surface (e.g., wall or ceiling) finishes. Interior design engineering services may also
include the preparation of renderings and procurement packages for various interior furnishing
(i.e., a "Buy Package").


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