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A-E shall provide to ROICC personnel a general overview of the project and shall specifically
address any critically important procedures or unusual features of the project that require special
attention. Preconstruction Conference. When requested by the PDE, the A-E shall attend the
preconstruction conference (sometimes referred to as the "precon") and be prepared to answer
questions regarding the intent of the project/design and the construction contract documents (i.e.,
drawings and specifications). In the report submitted to the PDE, in addition to the basic
information required, the A-E shall also indicate the issues that were raised and not resolved
during the "precon." On-site Consultation. The A-E shall provide on-site consultation when requested by
the PDE. Normally the ROICC will contact the PDE when such services are required. The
A-E shall submit the required written `report within five (5) working days following the
completion of the on-site visit. Office Consultation. The A-E shall provide office consultation, when requested by the
PDE and when a field visit is not required. The A-E shall submit the required written report
within five (5) working days following the completion of the requested services. Evaluation of Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP). The purpose of a VECP
is to achieve a construction cost savings by adjusting the design to permit more economical
methods and/or materials of construction and still maintain the operational, functional and
aesthetic integrity of the project. When requested by the PDE, the A-E shall analyze VECP's
submitted by the construction contractor and provide a written report recommending approval
or disapproval The A-E shall submit evaluations to the PDE within five (5) working days
following the PDE's request.
4.2.3 As-Built Drawings. The A-E shall revise the original drawings to show "as-built"
conditions. A set of marked-up prints will be furnished showing the changes resulting from
approved shop drawings or from approved deviations from the design on the original drawings.
Include size, manufacturer's name, model number and power input/output characteristics of the
equipment installed. Inform the PDE if marked-up prints do not include this information. Time
for preparation of the "as-built" shall be not more than 30 calendar days from the time of receipt
of the marked prints, unless directed otherwise by the PDE. Procedure. The "as-built" drawings shall show the actual construction by using the
following procedure.
a. When optional methods of construction are shown, the method not used shall be
crossed out and noted "not built." Work previously crossed out and noted "omit" or
"not in contract" shall remain.
b. Deleted or superseded portions of the drawings shall be crossed out.


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