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Custom Search Base Exterior Architecture Plan (BEAP). The BEAP provides general overall
guidelines for upgrading the overall appearance of Navy Shore facilities through coordination
of design concepts for landscaping, signs and building colors. BEAP studies are developed in
conjunction with an activity's master plan. The A-E shall ensure that project designs are
developed in accordance with the BEAP.
5.2.2 Design Criteria. The A-E shall list. the design criteria, such as the DoD Military
Handbooks; NAVFAC Design Manuals, technical publications, instructions, etc; industry
standard references; and laws and codes utilized in the design. The A-E shall use the latest
edition of the cited reference.
Other references which the A-E is advised to review include: 1) NAVFAC P-1010 Lessons
Learned from Design and Engineering of Naval Facilities; 2) NAVFAC Design Policy Letters;
and 3) NAVFAC Criteria Interpretation `and Waivers.
In addition, the A-E shall "design for maintainability" and ensure that the facility designed
utilizes components which can be readily serviced, maintained and/or replaced. The objective
is to design a facility which, not only minimizes initial first costs, but also considers the manner
in which the facility is to be operated and maintained.
Prepare accurate and legible computations for all phases of the design on letter size (nominal
8-l/2 x 11") paper.  The computations shall be sufficiently clear to allow review by the
5.4.1 Site Grading. The A-E shall provide positive drainage away from structures. In
addition, the A-E shall provide a positive differential between the facility finished floor
elevations and the finished grade elevations of areas adjacent to the facility. Minimize earthwork
with a reasonable balance between cut and fill quantities. Drainage Calculations. Provide drainage calculations for culverts and drains where the
pertinent drainage area exceeds two (2) hectares. Since there is no requirement for areas less
than two (2) hectares, the A-E shall exercise judgement and provide calculations, as necessary,
to substantiate the proposed drainage design.
5.4.2 Storm Sewer System and Surface Drainage. Indicate the storm flow for the project and
clearly identify all information and assumptions used in the derivation. In addition, determine
the capacity of the existing system and determine whether the existing system has sufficient
capacity to accommodate the additional flow. Also provide calculations to verify the quantity
of storm flow and the size, material, class and "D" load of all storm sewers, culverts and drop
inlets. Finally, provide a small scale topographic map that depicts the individual drainage areas
and their overland flow path.


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