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drainage facilities, etc. Where drainage facilities are to be provided, the A-E shall
indicate the direction of flow and the point of discharge by appropriate symbols or
Topographic data must extend sufficiently beyond the limits of the new construction
to demonstrate that the designed drainage is adequate.
c. The location, dimension and capacities of proposed parking areas, access roads,
driveways, walks, etc.
d. Boring plans and logs. Elevations/Cross Sections/Profiles.
a. Where earthwork cuts and fills are involved and are to be shown by cross sections,
submit at least one drawing that is representative (i.e., a typical example) of the
method of presentation to be used on all other drawings.
b. Provide plan views and profiles that are used to show the locations of all below grade
piping; elevations of manholes and lift stations; connection points for utilities; known
7.3.2 Architectural. Plan.
a. Provide plan views that show the complete floor layout, including room/space
designations and numbers; all major and critical dimensions; all structural columns
and beams; and all built-in equipment and furniture.
b. Include a listing of all rooms/spaces and the corresponding net floor areas. Clearly
identify the area designations for which net floor areas are limited by criteria;
indicate the maximum net floor area allowed by criteria.
c. Indicate the proposed furniture layout.  Ensure that the proposed layouts will
accommodate the intended use of the various spaces.  Where building design
requires the use of special design furniture/furnishings, provide schematic details
illustrating the nature and extent of the specialty items.
d. Identify fire rated walls and partitions with cross hatching, shading or some other
graphic representation. Include an appropriate legend. Elevations.
a. Provide exterior elevations that show all building openings, exterior building finishes,
the interior finished floor elevation, and the exterior finished grade elevations.


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