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b. Provide interior elevations that indicate type and extent of finishes and shows the
elevation views of equipment, built-in furniture, etc.
c. Identify fire rated ceilings and enclosures with cross hatching, shading or some other
graphic representation. Include an appropriate legend. Building sections that show the relationship between the various building levels;
floor-to-floor heights, typical wall sections; floor and roof framing; details of any unusual or
non-standard building component. A Finish Schedule showing proposed finishes. Area Tabulation. Provide a table showing the gross area by floors and the total gross
building area. Also provide a table showing the net floor areas by room designation and
number. Preliminary Furniture/Equipment Layout. Ensure that adequate wall space, circulation
space, etc., are provided to accommodate the intended use of the designated space. Where
building design will dictate special design furniture, provide schematic details sufficient to define
the nature and extent of the specialty item. If the furniture/equipment is to be procured as
collateral equipment, identify the item(s) as "Government Furnished, Government or Contractor
Installed," as appropriate. Miscellaneous. Do not embed aluminum conduit, pipe, bars, anchors, flashing or other
aluminum items in concrete.
7.3.3 Structural. Provide the following:
a. Roof framing plan.
b. Floor framing plan.
c. Foundation layout plan.
d. Type of structural system and kind of materials to be used.
e. Design notes, including, but not limited to, live load, wind load, seismic load, etc.,
and allowable soil pressures, pile/caisson bid lengths and capacities. Indicate whether
the loads are uniform or concentrated (e.g., wheel load).
f. Earthquake zone and K, I and C values of the designed building.
g. If, applicable, for explosives safety, identify the threat and indicate the safe distance.


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