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7.3.4 Mechanical. Equipment. Describe and locate all mechanical equipment, including boilers, heaters,
air conditioning equipment, compressors, generators, hoists, cranes, etc. Provide 1/4" (or
larger) = 1'-0" scale plans and sections of equipment rooms showing layouts and cross sections
of equipment, ductwork, piping, etc. Provide adequate space around any installed equipment
to allow for ease of maintenance and overhaul (e.g. removal of tubes from boilers, air
conditioning equipment, other heat exchangers). Systems. Provide the following:
a. Layout of HVAC ductwork and piping. Ductwork shall be shown double line.
Indicate on the plan or in appropriate schedules the design air and water flows at each
terminal device.
b. Plumbing fixture plan and isometric and riser diagrams.
c. System schematic and "ladder" control diagrams for mechanical systems.
d. Routing and size of distribution system components.
e. Layout of fire protection system.
7.3.5 Electrical Power Source. Provide a one-line power diagram for proposed power sources. Connection Point. Identify connection points for power, telephone, cable television,
etc. Equipment. Show location, size and capacities of transformers. Reflected Ceiling Plan. Show locations of all lighting fixtures. Plans for telephone, fire protection, intrusion detection system (IDS), etc.
Pre-Final drawings shall be complete, with all elements thoroughly checked and coordinated,
and shall be clear enough for a contractor to prepare a realistic bid estimate. A Pre-Final
submittal falling into one of the following categories will be returned to the A-E as unacceptable.
a. Submission of a nearly complete set of drawings, with the intention to complete the
drawings during the Government review period.


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